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Newcastle Comedy Festival 2022


Big Dog Comedy




Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development

The Challenge

This year the Newcastle Comedy Festival required an evolution of the branding and the design and development of a new website that could act as a go-to to quickly view what shows were on.

Our Strategy

We decided to develop a festival website that had an app-like experience where you could easily select the date you wanted to attend a show, and what venue you wanted to go to and it would immediately populate the shows that matched that criteria. This was all developed using WordPress and integrated custom posts in order to fulfil the listings of shows accurately, then display them in a functional way for the user in order to create a streamlined process to satisfy their requirements.

The Results

This year has seen a much larger response to the website. The average session duration result of 3 minutes 39 seconds is up from last year’s 1 minute 43 seconds. The users number has increased to 1533 in the month of April from 916 at the same point the previous year. We conclude that the website is now being used as a user guide for the Newcastle Comedy Festival rather than just a marketing tool.

Project Enquiries

Hunter Street, Newcastle City