“Nimble Union Sauce Co is a hot sauce brand focussed on bringing intensely bold and unique flavours to sauce with extreme heat. The startup tasked us with creating a brand that represented its product but also allows it to stand out within a crowded marketplace.”

The Challenge

Part I – Logo.
The goal for the logo was to represent the heat of the hot sauce but give it a unique, modern appearance but with an element of the 80s. We found inspiration from abstract shapes and the Memphis pattern era.

Part II – Visual Identity 
Create a visual identity that aligns to the logo but branches out to become an encompassing cohesive theme throughout the brand.

Part III – Product Design 
A product line label design of three labels relevant to the three individual hot sauce products.

Part IV – Website
A visually engaging website with an e-commerce portal for their online sales.

Part V – Social Media
A series of instagram posts to help launch the brand into the digital space.

The main brand elements that were important to convey were;
I. Heat
II. Originality
III. Modern but 80s feel


Nimble Union Sauce Co

What We Did

Discovery Session
Product Design
Social Media


We determined that the brand would adopt a high contrast colour palette to portray its modern character and isolate the iconographic structure of the mark. This aided in a deeper fusion between the identity of the brand and the goal of the product.

Sizzling Red


Prussian Blue


Languid Lavender


Branding Elements

The main challenge to tie this brand together was overcoming the dichotomy of a modern look but with an 80s feel. To help portray this, we researched the abstract beauty of the 80s and found a modern minimal approach to the classic Memphis style pattern was the way forward. We created a suite of modern abstract elements that continue the look of the main logo but expand on the personality of the company.


Using the branded shape elements, we created a pattern to be used on packaging such as boxes and tissue paper. This created a deeper recognition of the brand throughout its imagery.

Header and Footer

An additional feature to the branding we included was the use of a header and footer shape to be adopted in different usage occasions (see social media for example). This helps frame the brand within each format and create another unique identifier. 

Product Development

Nimble Union started with three flagship sauces and the biggest challenge for Milkcarte, was to represent the brand and product’s personality within the label design but keep a unique look and character to the labels. We developed three identifiable focus points that best represented the character of the three sauces and instantly spark recognition.

Los Muertos

Salsa Verde – Jalapeño

Inspired by Mexican cuisine and the fact that Los Muertos translates as ‘The Dead’ in Spanish, we took an approach that brings the name and inspiration to the forefront.

The Craftsman

Garlic and Pepper

Depicting the hard working labourer and the pepper lover, this distressed label design embraces its inspired roughness.

The Twitcher

Tomato and Garlic

With this sauce being inspired by a bird spotter, the name adopts both the product and the namesake’s characteristics.

Website Development

Responsive web design to suit both mobile and desktop users.

Content Production

Milkcarte produced instagram content for the Nimble Union feed, including photos, graphics and animations.

Social Banners

In helping Nimble Union launch online we created social media banners for the different networks. We implemented the pattern and the header and footer branding elements to help tie the look of the brand together.