“Big Dog Comedy are the pioneers of comedy in Newcastle and when they came to us to design and build the Newcastle Comedy Festival website, we were keen to become a part of their next project.”

The Challenge

Newcastle Comedy Festival set out to encourage people to visit one source on the internet for information and direct them to purchasing tickets. The concept for the site was to keep things simple with a logical flow.

The main elements of the website were;
I. Solo shows listing
II. Festival Lineup
III. Ticket Direction
IV. Contact


Big Dog Comedy / Newcastle Comedy Festival

What We Did

Discovery Session
Web Development and Build

Website Design

It was important to design a website that catered for both laptop and mobile users. The elements of the website were designed specifically to become responsive to the screen size on different devices.


Responsive Design

52.03 percent of internet users worldwide are viewing websites on their mobile phone. So the need for a mobile friendly website is critical.
(Source: gs.statcounter.com)

User Experience

Our goal was to create and develop a platform for users to keep up to date on the latest information with the user experience at the heart of the development.


The visual brand was carried through the flow of the website using the high contrast comedy festival colour scheme and smooth transitions representing the personality of the festival.