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The Sensory Dynamics Of Consumer Perception

Sensory perception in consumer dynamics copy

How do you know whether your product will succeed in the marketplace? It all comes down to consumer perception, or how your customers feel about and perceive your product or service before they actually buy it.

9 Important Principles Of Design

Principles Of Design

There is a set of fundamental principles in design that every designer should know about if they want to better understand their craft.

The Fundamentals Of Brand Identity


Establishing a brand identity is a journey all new businesses and budding entrepreneurs will go through. Discovering a brand identity takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, and there’s no secret formula to getting it right the first time.

6 principles of Visual Hierarchy


You may not realise it, but even the simplest designs have well-thought-out strategies behind them. Central to these strategies is “Visual Hierarchy” – the ranking of design elements through their visual characteristics.

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