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Newcastle Comedy Festival Nimble Union Logo + Brand Identity + Web Development + Content Creation Services Discovery Session Logo Brand Identity Web Development Content Creation Background
Nimble Union Sauce Co is a hot sauce brand focussed on bringing intensely bold and unique flavours to sauce with extreme heat. The startup tasked us with creating a brand that represented its product but also allows it to stand out within a crowded marketplace.
Key Objectives Brand Personality It was important to develop a brand personality that best represented the product itself and the "modern but 80s" vibe. Non-Negotiables The main brand elements that were important to convey were;
I. Heat
II. Originality
III. Modern but 80s vibe
Colour Palette We determined that the brand would adopt a high contrast colour palette to portray its modern character and isolate the iconographic structure of the mark. This aided in a deeper connection between the identity of the brand and the goal of the product.
The Challenges The Logo The goal for the logo was to represent the heat of the hot sauce but give it a unique, modern appearance but with an element of the 80s. We found inspiration from abstract shapes and the Memphis pattern era. Visual Identity Create a visual identity that aligns to the logo but branches out to become an encompassing cohesive theme throughout the brand. Web Development A visually engaging website with an e-commerce portal for their online sales. Content Creation A series of instagram posts to help launch the brand into the digital space. As well as branded social media banners. Branding Elements Shapes To enhance the brand personality, a series of branding shape elements were created to contribute to the 80s aesthetic. These were then integrated into the various components of the Nimble Union visual identity. Header And Footer An additional feature to the branding we included was the use of a header and footer shape to be adopted in different usage occasions (see social media for example). Using these branded shape elements, a graphic swatch pattern was created to be used on packaging such as boxes and tissue paper. This created a deeper recognition of the brand throughout its imagery. This helps frame the brand within each format and create another unique identifier. Web Development Responsive At Milkcarte, every web design is built to be responsive to the different devices that are used to view websites. With a growing trend of mobile usage it was necessary to build a website where each element would adapt to the appropriate sizing. E-Commerce As part of the Nimble Union website, an e-commerce portal was built to direct users through a purchase process. This included a member signup and payment portal using market leaders Paypal and Square.
Content Creation Branded Content Milkcarte produced instagram content for the Nimble Union feed, including photos, graphics and animations. Social Media Branding In helping Nimble Union launch online we created social media banners for the different networks. We implemented the pattern and the header and footer branding elements to help tie the look of the brand together. Back To Case Studies

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