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Newcastle Comedy Festival Hamilton Olympic Logo + Brand Identity Services Discovery Session Logo Brand Identity Being called the Hamilton Olympic Warriors, it was necessary to incorporate the branding mark of a warrior helmet. A front-on coloured mark was designed that could be reproduced in different ways and sizes.

This design best represented the sharp uncomfortable angles of an ancient helmet whilst retaining a nice balance and it's intimidating competitive focus.
Key Objectives Heritage Branding Hamilton Olympic are a club with a significant history dating back to 1976 in Newcastle, Australia. With strong ethnic roots in the Greek community, a rebrand would need to incorporate elements of the club’s history and previous branding elements to hold onto its Greek heritage. Non-Negotiables It was vital the new logo embrace a modern identity but hark back to it's Greek roots. The main elemnents required were;
I. The Greek flag element
II. The original colour scheme
III. The warrior mascot
IV. Shield badge
Colour Palette Keeping in the theme of the original colours, we embraced the traditional blue and white colours of Greece with the secondary colour of yellow that has historically been part of the Hamilton Olympic football club.
Original Design
New Designs
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