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Newcastle Comedy Festival E Styling Logo + Brand Identity Services Discovery Session Logo Brand Identity Sydney based event company E Styling, embodies elegance and luxury for numerous high end event types from weddings, exclusive parties and conferences. Milkcarte designed a monogram logo that illustrated the grandeur of E Styling events and bundled it with a comprehensive branding guide.” Key Objectives Responsive Logo Design Milkcarte was brought on board by E Styling to materialise their logo idea and generate a family of logos that could be utilised in different formats. Non-Negotiables The client had specific design targets they wanted to meet. The main elements of the logo that were important to the client were;
I. Elegance
II. Legibility
III. Monogram
IV. Logo Mark
Colour Palette E Styling wanted an elegant and sophisticated colour palette with the colour rose being an accented feature.
Non-Negotiables Elegance Legibility
Monogram Mark
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