7 Inspirational Desk Setups

The modern workspace is increasingly becoming part of our home and now during a pandemic, working from home is fairly common. Outside of the usual ergonomic practices we should all consider to ensure we are not doing damage to our long-term health, we should also consider the framing of our workspace away from work. Make it nice, make it comfortable, but most of all, make it your own little world.

Whether you’re into minimalism, loads of greenery or nice hand made wooden finishes, a desk setup should reflect your personality and shape your mood. Keep it a productive workspace but keep it interesting, think about adding tech elements like IKEA’s motorised frames or some Philips Hue light bulbs. Or create a visual space with some Milkcarte art from our shop. Either way, here are 7 inspirational desk setups that can get you started.

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Elliott William