Elliott William
October 20, 2020
Design 3 Rules for A Lasting Logo Design Start Reading

Slide 1. Simplicity
Logos are the face of your business and should be adaptable to different situations and retain not just their quality but also their legibility. Milkcarte has certainly made logos over the years where the client requires a more unique approach but the best practice for logo design is to simplify the design. Take Apple for example, they started with a complex highly detailed artist rendering for their first logo, but have become the iconic brand we now know through their simplified Apple mark. Sometimes it is best to keep it simple. Other examples are Airbnb and GoDaddy.

2. Visual Short-Hand (Semiotics)
There are two main types of logos; wordmarks and marks. Wordmarks are certainly popular (think: Google, Samsung and Facebook) but even these word marks have a visual style. This is because a brand is best portrayed through a visual style and better yet, simply an icon (or mark) that encompasses the entire perception or meaning of a brand the moment you recognise it (aka semiotics). Think Apple, Nike and Pepsi.

3. Responsiveness
When you want to cater for different devices, a measure of a good logo is the responsiveness when the screen size changes. A relatively new technique in logo design,‘responsive’ logos or what could be considered a contextual logo, is where the environment in which the logo is placed determines the extension from the original logo design. Some great unofficial examples created by are Disney and Guinness.


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